Moonlight Letra

Ariana Grande


Moonlight (Letra/Lyrics)

You shower in the pouring moonlight
I haven’t seen that entrancing expression before
I look at you who’s stopped like
A picture and at the end of that gaze

A place where I can’t touch you and can’t even hold you
What’s shining under the surface is not that person
Your sad story that can’t come true
The closer you go, the more you’ll hurt, so
Just that love stop, stop, stop, stop, yeah
Just that love stop, stop, stop, stop, yeah
Like this I’m anxiously calling you
Don’t go babe, those wings will get wet

No matter how much I tell you, you don’t listen
You throw your whole body towards him again
Why do you dream a dangerous dream
(Now stop those tiring (actions)
So that your heart can rest a little
My heart watching you feels as if it’ll rip as well
You shower in the pouring moonlight

Datos de esta canción

MOONLIGHT es una canción de Ariana Grande que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Dangerous Woman. Agradecemos a lifexsiick por haber sudido la letra de Moonlight.

Sobre Moonlight

  • Moonlight es un tema lento, enriquecido con violines que sirve como introducción a Dangerous Woman. Originalmente se pretendía que fuera el título del álbum, pero finalmente el álbum fue rebautizado a favor de la canción "Dangerous Woman".

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