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Eres Letra

You're my best
You are water, you are earth, you are the wind,
you are the sheets with me that night I heat
and when I wake up you're my first thought.

I'm an arrogant fool, you know I admit
I am a poor damn it does not say na 'nice
You are the light of my life my favorite corner
the patience that I have, are what I need.

A admirable're always looking for the best
M muse that inspires this writer
O stubborn to change my bad mood
You're the R of romance your love inspires me.

It's your naked body with mine on the hill
There are replicas of love but you are genuine
a lady in bed is a killer
I make love to a walking miracle.

If you are my soul mate, my candle paint, paper and pencil my best song
Muse marking beats and phrases written're born of my inspiration
You are unique, like the first kiss that gave us
as you escaped that morning and we were
are you with that longing walk hand in hand across the world
he hears I love you, you're the woman who stole my love
and the best thing of all is that you do not mind if I turn, is that with
I prendo my little girl, you do not mind if I turn, is that my little girl
I prendo, it is that you do not mind if I turn.

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