Letra de la canción

I don´t belong to a different kind…
sometimes I feel like I´m from another.
Don´t understand why we kill each other still...
And I don´t know why... No!
we do it all again going round in circles
holding up the mess...
losing any trace of common sense
No more pain, no more hate
no more playing God!
No more good no more bad
no more fictional rivals
fighting to give us a better world!

You gotta stay alive
doing right...
it´s not that easy when you hurt inside...
you gotta try to find the light
within your heart
and play your card.
You gotta throw the dice
close your eyes...
it´s not that easy trying to turn the tide...
Too many fools arriving high...
It´s time to mend this human crime.

Letra añadida por: Ausblon (#34)

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