Sean Paul

Trumpets Letra

Sean Paul (ft. Sak Noel y Salvi)


Trumpets (Letra/Lyrics)

Bubble it
Bubble it
You see that gal with the big tic tac
The gal dem Schillaci... Sean da Paul
So me give it to... so me give to... so me give it to... to
all girls
Five million and forty naughty shorty...
Baby girl... all my girls.all my girls... Sean da Paul say...
Well woman the way the time cold I wanna be keepin'
you warm
I got the right temperature for shelter you from the
"But down in Jamaica we give it to you hot like a
sauna.— Sak Noel, Salvi & Sean Paul
Wanna be the Papa... You can be the Mom... oh oh!
Make I see the gal them bruk out pon the floor from
you don't want no worthless performer
From you don't want no man wey can't turn you on gal
make I see your hand them up on ya.
Can't tan pon it long... naw eat no yam... no steam
fish... nor no green banana
But down in Jamaica we give it to you hot like a sauna.

Datos de Trumpets

TRUMPETS es una canción de Sean Paul y Sak Noel y Salvi. Agradecemos a Alberto_bipolar por haber sudido la letra de Trumpets.