Canción 'Color Bars' del disco 'Figure 8' interpretada por Elliott Smith

Color Bars Letra

Elliott Smith

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COLOR BARS es una canción de Elliott Smith que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Figure 8.

Letra 'Color Bars'

I see color bars when I come
Sergeant Rock broke the key off in the lock to where I come from
Sir, no sir, we have no power in the air
The battle's on the ground

Laying low again, high on the sound
Bruno S. is a man to me
You're just some dude with a stilted attitude
That you learned from TV
You'll undo, but I'll be connecting everything
The traffic in my town
Riding high again, high on the sound

Everyone wants me to ride into the sun
But I ain't gonna go down
Laying low again, high on the sound