Magne Furuholmen

Letra de la canción

Keep your clever lines.
hold your easy rhymes.
silence everything.
silence always wins.
it's a perfect alibi -
there's no need to analyze.
it will be alright
through the longest night,
just silence everything.

As you know;
that's how it all begins.
and you know;
they can't touch what lies within.
so keep those clever lines,
so nice to hide behind,
away from me

Through the longest night of our lives.

Learn from my mistake;
leave what others take.
speak when spoken to.
and do what others do.
cuz silence always wins,
so silence everything.

It will be alright
in the morning light,
just silence everything.
as you know;
they can't touch what lies within.
and you know;
that's where it all begins.
so keep your clever lines,
hold your easy rhymes.

You were quick to judge.
quick to criticise.
but too slow to know
what I've realised;

It's the longest night of our lives.

Letra añadida por: Alberto_bipolar (#62)

Magne Furuholmen
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