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Yeah, yeah

I took some time off, it's time I start rappin' again
Don't wanna end up a "Damn what happened to him?"
See my anxiety is kickin' in, I'm askin' a friend
"Am I losin' it?" He said, "No and don't ask me again"
I was broke two years ago, was I happier then?
Dreamin' 'bout the spot that right now, I'm actually in
Rushin' to the bank with checks that I'm cashin' to spend
But money can't buy you happiness, and that's just the thing
I know some people though that that could offend
Still strugglin', lookin' at me like, "If I only lived as lavish as him..."
I wouldn't have to have this nine to five, yeah I'm alive
But it really ain't about survivin', f*** that, I'm tryna thrive
It's a difference, now take this for instance
I was at the bar the other week, had to wet my beak
This old drunk man next to me, I heard him speak
Talkin' loud like he tryna preach
He took two shots, don't do no chase
Then he said, "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking too much space"
Thought about it, what you wish for isn't all that it seems
What if I just said, f*** it, never followed my dreams?
Never made me into a role model for all of these teens
My hero asked if we wonder what it all really means
If we'd ever really find our dreams, I'm still chasin' 'em
I still do these drugs, I'm still takin' 'em
I drink bottles in clubs, we still pay for them
I got plenty excuses, I'm still makin' em
I got flaws, I'm human, have faith in 'em
One day I'll find a girl who will wait for 'em
Yeah, guess I'm a constant work in progress
Especially with certain topics
I navigate the road less travelled
Thread the needle, hope that I don't come unraveled
Yeah, and will I, will I follow up my last shit with a better one?
Will I go out as a legend when it's said and done?
Will they consider me a special one
Or just another rapper who came and went?
But f*** it, at least I had a run
Dolo in the studio with candles lit
I close my eyes and imagine it
If you ain't in it, it's hard to fully understand this shit
The way the planet Earth is on my back but I can handle it
It's nothin'
Uh, you'd be surprised
You couldn't walk a mile in these Adidas Slides
Uh, you'd be surprised
If you could see this through my eyes
Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah

You gotta keep it together, oh
You gotta keep your head up again
You gotta keep it together, oh
It can only get better, get better
Keep it together, keep it together
Keep it together, just keep it together




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