Can´t stop thinking about you Letra y Canción

Calum Heaslip

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CAN´T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU es una canción de Calum Heaslip.


'Can´t stop thinking about you'

I’m feeling new sensations
I’m talking about confessions…
Burn, burn, burn
Do you feel it like me?

I like it when I see you smiling
I like it when you make me feel the
One, one, one

I need you when I’m down
`Cause I feel it like you do
And you make me stronger
When I’m with you

Get ready and turn it up
‘Cause you wake me…, wake me up
The love is around you


Can’t stop thinking about you
I can’t be without you
It’s feeling so right
Oh baby, baby

I feel good around you
‘Cause I really like you
It`s burning so hard
Oh baby, do you feel the same?

Oh, oh, oh,
I’m thinking about you
Oh, oh, oh
Do you feel lt like I do?
Oh, oh, oh
Is killing my body
Thinking about you
Thinking about you

I’m talking to you baby
Why you make me be so crazy
Turn, turn, turn
Turn the music louder

There’s nothing gonna change my mind
I know is gonna be all right and
Fun, fun, fun

(Pre-chorus) copia
(Chorus) x2 copia

Yeah, yeah
When I saw you walking down for the first time
I thought, damn... that girl shines more than a dime
Let me be the one, because I’m feeling you´ll be mine
Please let me be in your heart, cause I´m lost in the dark
I just wrote down, my words just come out
I’m gonna scream now, people sing so loud
Everybody says I´ll be begging on my knees
Come on girl, just love and peace

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