Come Back Home - Carly Simon | Spoiled Girl

Come Back Home Letra

Carly Simon


Come Back Home (Letra/Lyrics)

Summer time, kids in the street
We were up on the roof laughing at the heat
That was the last I ever saw of you

Now it's December, cold and dark
No more rainbows over Central Park
In this house no window has a view
There's no love here without you

When you gonna come back home
When you gonna see it's been too long
When you gonna come back home to me

Standin' at the door and I turn the key
I'm holding my breath half expecting to see
You lyin' on the bed, smilin' up at me
I'm goin' crazy 'cause I just don't know
Which way your heart's gonna go
I only pray it leads you back to me
Darlin' let your heart
Lead you back to me

Datos de Come Back Home

COME BACK HOME es una canción de Carly Simon del año 1985, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Spoiled Girl.