Canción 'Eiga' interpretada por Tokyo Ghoul

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Tokyo Ghoul

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EIGA es una canción de Tokyo Ghoul.

Eiga (en inglés)


I closed my umbrella
And at the last stop, I emptied my stomach
Just a bit later
Right as my scars started oozing again
I realized that everytime I tell a lie, it feels like my world flips upside down

I've given up and tasted the blood on my mouth

Just why can't we understand one another?
Like patchwork quilt, a promise unfulfilled, always in search of something else
Just gently aging away
And your breath, like the toll of a bell, is a blessing

An unturning lock
In a corner of the basement I balled my eyes out
Like a baby
Before I heard the the sound of things changing,
I'd realized I had become the king of spitting up

I've kneeled to stop, tasting this divine punishment

Ohh, just living without knowing a thing
(But doesn't that always hurt?)
And the ones I want to protect are already going this way
(They're becoming impossible for me to see)
I'm just going to wait in this shell of a classroom
(But it just feels so cold)

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