I don't name for fame, neither do I name to shame
But I'm learning more and more, this is a pagan game
I'm learning more and more, these other rappers hate in vain
I know I've gotta be the bigger man to make the change
I know I've gotta be the smarter man and make a change
Man are getting caught in feelings, and stating names
I'm tryna stay focused, I can't break again
You're lucky this ain't '08 cause man will take your...
Yo, I got niggas in their feelings
Of course I'm ruthless, the whip ain't got no ceilings
Nigga's hearts man, they're changing like they're seasons
It's arms house, I'm at your mum's with my demons
I'm just counting blessings and I'm learning lessons
Tryna usher my way through without no confessions
Tinie said he rates me highly, man, that shows progression
I'm what they into from the south to the western, I ain't stressing
Fam, I'm tryna make my marge proud
And help her out cause there's times I weren't allowed
Nothing was the same, I got my head up in the clouds
When you make it where I'm from, you scream that shit and scream it loud
Krept and Kone put me on and that's something I won't forget, fam
But I'm not here to be no shadow or no next man
But saying that it's still Play Dirty to the death, fam
I'm signed to Sony, my niggas, they signed to Def Jam
There's so much to say, but I'ma save that for an interlude
Stop asking me the same shit in these interviews
Playing a game but where you win to lose
These rappers, they'd do anything for flipping views
F*** another diss track, my nigga, I ain't in that
I couldn't take a break, I was out there serving Kit-Kats
I'm tryna buy six yards, you tryna get a six pack
You can't relate if you don't live that
Fam I gave my sister my house, gave my sister my house
To give my nephews a future, I gave my sister my house
Now I'm in the fuc*** pent, I used to live on the couch
But when you tell my fuc*** story, don't miss that shit out
I was in court, watched my big brother get a 12
He just had a little girl, he ain't home until she's 12
You wouldn't believe bruh, he was the man behind the scales
Now we're here talking about jails
What's your name ringing bells if you haven't got your freedom?
What does your rep mean if you ain't no longer breathing?
We all tryna prove a point but I can't figure the meaning
It's all fun until your mum's grieving
I buried a best friend at 16
I'm praying that we all make it through summer '16
Nobody's got the drive but everybody's got the talk
Yeah, they wanna live dreams
I'm ready, just make sure the whip's clean
I helped my mum get out the ends before I got myself a Benz
Put on for my friends, I don't want them shotting tens
Yeah they drive me round the bend, but I still lend before I spend
It's cliche, if you in my company, then I defend..
Money can't buy your heart
The sterling didn't change me, then why would it start?
I'm at festivals and I didn't have to chart
They said we wouldn't make it out the play park

Ayo Reece... We made it!


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