Canción 'Out Of Place' del disco 'iLevitable' interpretada por iLe

Out Of Place Letra y Canción


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OUT OF PLACE es una canción de iLe del año 2016, este tema está incluido dentro del disco iLevitable.


'Out Of Place'

Can you feel what I´m felling
Is There something on your mind
I´m still healing from the slines
That you left behind.

Do my tears have any meaning?
Are you talking with your eyes?
Seems you´re speaking but your words
They can´t come out dry.

My heart is out of place
And do you have to say?
It´s hard to see
through you static face
When you keep running
Oh running away.

Do you, do you thinking silences?
Are you even here?
Do you, do you thinking silences?
How does it feel?