Up in the clouds and I'm rolling up loud dodging these schools just to catch a new vibe
Switching the sound man i think I'm the one

So as the clouds are wrapped up im doing all the backups with a single momma nigga always had to man up
but i got a plan now i feel like i'm the man now cause i love what i do i will never back down
man i'll never back down kid my nigga from the go he gon tell you all about it he's the only one who knows
these girls smell like cigarettes i'll pass them up the dro
it's amazing Leonora never listened to it though woah
Yeah, we just bout the music
Music is my passion see me round amusement parks spark
all about that action school is a distraction maybe I'm just acting up but then you always got a choice
don't you listen to that voice and Penda got that loud and he finna make a noise
I'm chilling with the boys i ain't talking Boysznbucks no girl is for certain if you ain't giving her enough
i know that my purpose is only getting to the guap i penetrate this game man i bust it like a nut
I'm on another level walk you down the staircase that chocolate cake we baked wasn't for a birthday
i'm getting so frustrated its like i am not myself but i'll just thank the lord for the cards i was dealt

Yoh i just thank the lord for the cards i was dealt riding round in a 2seater fuel meter really kinda low
20 piece for a bad day but i just want those hash plates
different ways i mean different place dreaming bout that bad place green house i mean plantations
Fuc*** up your imagination know i still keep it 100 crazy how i still act sane
We just all tryna switch lanes we just all tryna get paid white broad come and get laid
Thank my parents for the shit i make
gotta get it thats the only way morning sesh got my eyes low
Sonny vision got a blindfold started this on our own though
Flight school on a flight mode work late thats everyday
The internet gon pave the away drive through yeah take away
drive through yeah take away

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