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'Don't Care' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL.


Whenever you feel like getting closer, you get distant
It feels like you grab me and let go, I know your mixed signals
I never had any expectations from the beginning because you’re not easy
How do you make me excited every day
You make my heart flutter at the end of every sentence
I see you, and see you, and see you, and see you
How do you make me get so worried and
How do you keep making it worse
You can see how I don’t know what to do
Now send me a signal, all I need is one sentence from you
It’s urgent, I want to have you now
Tell me now, all I need is one sentence from you
no more games No, No will you tell me Girl
I just want a Q
ay Girl tell me what’s in your lips
I just want a Q
I feel like I’m going crazy but you laugh
I just want a Q
Cause I’m all ready
would you be my lady
I just want a Q
Come to me and tell me Q
I get surprised sometimes Woh
Because you’re so pretty
Whenever you look at your phone I’m looking at you
Especially when you bite your lips
When you’re concentrating Woh Think I’m in a heaven
The routine of my fantasies are always
The same, whatever topic it may be it ends with you
Like coffee, you are the start of my day
Inside of you I melt ice
I’m ready, your fantasy
I am the protagonist in the movie
I’ll do anything Get an audition
I’ll show you my heart
There’s no more ambiguity
Come to me, I know you feel the same way about me
Oh yeah focus and keep your ears open
Get on the start line
When I tell you to wait
You send the signal
L-M-N-O-P, after that
Send over the signal already
I want to have you
So tell me already
All I need is one phrase
No games No, No
Will you tell me Girl

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