Funkmaster Flex Featuring Nelly

Letra de la canción

Here we come (here we come now girl)
baby girl (uh uh)
you know i can spin hot shit when need be
only nigga to take a still picture in 3d (what?)
if need be i'm leaving the party with cindy, whos cocky, bowlegged, long hair, a fendi.
that ain't nuttin, to her twin sister mindy.
i spit game like that, got brains like that.
the soft leather seats, it came like that. if this were footall, i'd be a runnin back. i only get low, and i never fummble. make you throw your hands up when i break in the zone. so if its on its on, shti im takin ya home. i got my own dog house, own throne, own bone. she like my bizza, my bad lil dawg. you lunatics, thats what i be saying bout ya'll. im not an md, but im always on call and i got a stick for ya gaurenteed not to stall.
(here we come) here we come now girl, baby girl (uh uh) cuz we be, got down from the sky to the ground. sippin all day, puffin on the pound. i dont wanna, slow down switch it up mommy go round, go down.


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