Oh Wonder

A theft of breath is upon us
She presses the rest to acknowledge
Whether she's wheathered or polished
However, her effort is toxic
She's never intended it modest-
An essence of sex symbolic
Reflecting in front of the faucet
I reckon it's wreckin' her logic
She'll sweat at exceptional pauses
Comments meant less than honest
Can mentally make her self-conscious
Depressed and destined to solace
Her heavenly essence held hostage
The pressure of preppin' a goddess?
Perfection is kept in a promise:
Every second accept her as flawless


Oooh, she's so gorgeous
And no, that's not important
Moreso, that's she's so devoted
To ignore it, if it's noticed
I noted she prefers her reason's unknown
Insecure, from a broken home
Her peers are all close, but what she fear's most
Is the feeling of being alone
It's not fleeing or freeing her, no
It's creeping and keeping her prone
To thinking consistently shown
To freeze her freedom and growth
In public she's stuck behind glass
Frozen? Just, for a glance
A mannequin managing only a bat of a lash
Low lids, as an advance
Hoping to trap in a trance
A man with no chance of closeness
Even if he broke in and stole it
She's still in the position she's holding
But...Solitude grew through the loneliness
And that wasn't a single moment
It was a seed in soil?
And it grew, and it grew
It was a skill that was hoaned in
Went from self-conscious, to conscious of self-
And that was adapted, not chosen
Very few, really do
She learned to work with the cards that were dealt
A process that all went unspoken
Her potential is second to no one
Now-she's golden? She goes in, like?

She's golden!

Sh-sh-she's golden!

She's golden!

She's golden!

She's golden...


Oh Wonder

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