I know that I need ha
But dont know how to treat ha
But you deserve better baby,better baby,better baby
You deserve better baby,better baby,better baby
Though I wanna keep ha
Be jealous if she leave uh
But you deserve better baby,better baby,better baby
You deserve better baby,better baby,better baby
And I can't hold you back baby

I really think I love her but
I dont think I know I could
I know I wanna f*** her but
Really thinking if I should
How can I believe her
I dont even believe myself
Tell me how to trust her
I can't even trust myself
And I can't live alone
At the end of the day can't f*** myself
I told her Im confused
And she told me to go f*** myself
Now Im alone in this world
Nothing left but me
But I was born all alone
So I guess thats how its meant to be
But she was sent to me
And I didn't recognize
And I blame it on ma pride
On a fact gon send aside it
Eyes redder than a rose
Heart bluer than a violet
My heart broke and Im heartless

And ain't no need to hide it (Gucci)

A heart breaking is heart broke
Imma tell the truth cause we grown folks
Why you lookin through ma phone fo
Thats why we ended up none more
You done know me like Chan Doe
Done left me up in my condo
Looking for you like Wardo
My nose open like Gunzo
I think I love her I dont know
I like her alot but she loco
She crazy, swagged up
I try to hug her she want more
In and out ah town all the time
She in and out ma mind all the time
I can't lie baby girl stupid fine
But Im out the tush got that stupid grind
She loves me now or she loves me not
Treat me cold no she treat me hot
Caramel but not apricot
Got one chance won't miss the shot
I know she special yeah alot
I know someone might take ma spot
Can't lie it may hurt alot
But uh she need a man or not(Its Gucci)


Gucci Mane

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