Gucci Mane

Birds of a feather,it's Guwop!
Chyeah, huh
I got my nigga Rock with me, shit is epic
On 13 shit

I f*** with Rocko cuz he's a hustling motherfucker(A1)
You know I f*** with Flocka cuz he's a crazy motherfucker(BSM)
You know I f*** with Scooter, he's a robbin' motherfucker(BMG)
I used to f*** with Gotti till he turned into a buster (fuck em)
I did a song with T.I. but the nigga still a sucker
4Tre got locked up taking some bricks down to Augusta
You know I f*** with Hot but he's a shysty motherfuc***
You know I f*** with Mojo, he's a hustling motherfuc***
In nineteen ninety seven I was a petty motherfuc***
Two thousand seven, I was trappin' heavy on Custer
I did a song with Keyshia Cole, I wish I woulda fuc*** her
I miss that girl Misha, she was a fine motherfuc***
I used to f*** with Keyshia Dior and I still kinda love her
I wish that I could f*** her now cuz my mind in the gutter
You know I f*** with P and Buck, I'm they fuc*** third brother
The nigga killed Dunk get out, I'll be a locked up motherfuc***

Most of these niggas, half of these hoes
A couple of my pistols, f*** all of my foes
A few more swishers, a couple more M's
I'm tryna get richer and free all of my niggas

I need all of mine, nigga
All of my niggas
Im trying to get richer to free to free all of my nigga

Shout out that nigga Meech, he's a loyal motherfucker(BMF)
I got no respect for Jeezy, he wouldn't even buy a lawyer
Yeah I respect Big Cat but he's a dirty motherfuc***
I still f*** with Coach K but he's a nerdy motherfuc***
You know I signed Young Dolph, he's a juggin motherfuc***
But I still say that Project Pat is my favorite rapper
Free my nigga Boosie, he's a gangsta motherfuc***
Free my nigga B.G., he's a gangsta motherfuc***
R.I.P. to Soulja Slim, I miss that motherfuc***
R.I.P. to Pimp C, cuz I miss that motherfuc***
When I lost Dunk, it's like I lost my own brother
R.I.P. my grandaddy and I lost my grandmother
Well, ever since I had my son I never fuc*** my baby mother
And every bitch in the industry want to be my baby mother
My nigga says he loves his girl, but I just seen her with Usher
A nigga rob me in ninety six, when he get out I'mma touch him


Gucci Mane

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