Pia Mia

I'm faded
I'm feeling brand new
And just bought some brand new
She got her girls
I brought my mans through
Don't take one
Just grab a handful
Get this pull
Right from the handle
Aww yeah

I'm feeling good
She looking fine
I know the truth ain't gonna matter tonight
Let me get you like

Faded, I want you
Faded, imma call you
Faded, you need to be on your line
Faded, I want you
Faded, when I call you
Faded, I need to be on your line

Fresh as a demo track
B-B-B-But when you know it slap
When we done they say go run it back
Get shit hot there when we in the lab
Tell that son don't run we throwing stacks
Like we got it like that

Physical desire is very normal and it happens and
Sometimes everything just comes down to a very basic level
And there's nothing wrong with it
I think that sex is just much groovier when there's love
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Pia Mia

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