Better Days

Better Days

Kodak Black

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I know I'ma see a better day
It gotta be a better place
Gotta get up out of Section 8
I dream about it everyday
Everybody is selling yay
It gotta be a better way
It gotta be a better way

Hey, look, check, look, look, look

I know Imma see a better day
It gotta be a better place
Gotta get up out of Section 8
I dream about it everyday
Everybody is selling yay
It gotta be a better way
I'm out here on a cheddar chase
I was on route 9 tryna get it straight

I feel that lil bro shit killing me
Wanna yard stealing me
My friends turned to my enemies
I ain't been rapping or nothing i'm only feeling me
They know I had to blow up
Yeah I had to flew up
Flying to North Carolina they sayin' Choo Choo done grown up
Thinkin' how imma feel that time i was to up
Lot a liquor from the bar I fuc*** around and threw up
Fuc*** with some old friends tryna get my crew up
God knew it, watching me waiting for me screw up
Separate me, whatever it is for me to move up
Too much hating got me thinking gon' pick the tool up
That's what they want, put the gun down they trying to fool us
That's what I'm here, I'm a little older so imma school us
I used to be that bad ass jit on the school bus
Kicking ass, real, I'm crazy, I had to pull her
No ma, I'm somebody and imma be that
I'm on the come up, tell grandma, believe that
My other fam, i don't really think that they'd believe that
People don't wanna believe when they can't see that
Thanks to Lil Kodak, 1k, got my groove back
Be great, all you could be, no matter who laugh
On your team, just keep goin', Choo Choo back
1k, you my lil ni*** Lil Kodak, that real

I know Imma do me something great
Fourth quarter, imma ball, I don't pump fake
I gotta put my brother in a coupe
I need filet mignon, I'm tired of noodle soup
And I been out here going strong in the vocal booth
I just keep it 1K, how I'm supposed to do
90 baby, I just wanna win
I just hope for God to show me who my real friends
I have being going all out now I'm all in
Hoes been runnin' up to me when I walk in
Real slimy, niggas ain't cuttin'
Trick you off the streets, have a ni*** cased up
I was out here sleep, had to wake up
I be ten toes down everyday, bruh
I try to maintain, let my nuts hang
It's the same thing young ni***, same thing (selling dope)
I'm stayin' patient, waiting on a blessin'
Rather hit the studio than a class session
Hell raisin on ya boy since 97
Hard headed lil ni*** never learned my lesson
Everybody tryna grind up a brick
Hit a lick, go bro, hit another lick
I used to treat him like my brother but that ni*** snitch
Had to wait fourth quarter, I was on the bench


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