News Or Something (Freestyle)

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Kodak Black

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Ay boy you don't need no more of that oil boy, that's another lick for you boy. (?) you be throwed off that random boy, murk him off that oil

He was just steppin' out to the little party
End of the night ended up with a body
Big booty bitch way bigger than Mizhani
While he eat kool with the whip like Desiigner
While I hit the top then go back to the bottom
Now I got a lil one, I shoulda wore a condom
But now I'm happy I didn't wear a condom
Cause that lil ni*** right there my blessin'
Two days after I lost my grandpa
Sam took me to go take that test
And it came back mine
That boy mine, the beeper say 99.9
How you gon' pull up and crash the party?
I'll put the slug in your ass little boy
How you gon' steal from your lil ni***?
How you gon' act like I wasn't with ya?
I can do everything by myself
But I ain't gon' be outchea askin' for help
How the hell you gon' act like a housewife
When you know everybody know you a thottie
Got me a pistol, I got me a shotty
I be posted up in the yo like Gotti
How you gon' send a ni*** like me to college
How you gon' send a ni*** like me to college
Every time he step out he booted
Every time he step out it's a movie
Tottin' a toolie, I'm rollin' a doobie
I'm stickin' and movin', I'm burnin' and lootin'
Ain't got time for you lil niggas
Ain't got time for you lil bitches
Show me you different, show me you different
Show me you different girl, show me you different
How you gon' act like I wasn't there
How you gon' act like a ni*** ain't care
I was on 1800 block all day
Nothin' was easy, had to get this shit the hard way
But I maintained, never complained
I'm true to the game, ain't never been a lame
Nigga I crewed up when I was nine
Got me a street, fell in love with the grind
I love the hustle
All the dark nights I sacrificed, it only made me tougher
All of the trials, it made me wild
And tribulations, it made me wise
Tell my child don't f*** with them guys
When you from that side, won't f*** with them guys
I can't deny he got my eyes
I can't deny cause I'm not that kind
He don't even cry but he prolly might whine
I'm on the school bus sellin' dimes
Why you gotta wish bad on your little boy?
Put your ass on now you actin' all spoiled
Why you gotta talk down on your little homie?
Grandpa dropped middle of the testimony
Grandma died, guess he was gettin' lonely
Why I go HAM? Cause I don't eat baloney
Nigga you a phony, how you gon' act like you real?
How you gon' act like you trill?
Why you got the flag? A ni*** already know the deal
How you gon' turn around and squeal?
Look at me leanin', I'm poppin' the seal
Look at my lips as I'm poppin' the pill, damn
Everybody acting like they my people
I don't f*** with you, I don't f*** with you neither
Woke up today and I copped a new beemer
Cuz a ni*** got tired of the two seater
I don't hear evil, I don't feel no evil
But I still walk around with the Desert Eagle
I just got me a referral from the teacher
Bitch I'm a zoe, I don't do pledge of allegiance
F*** you lil ho, lock my door if you leavin'


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