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'Walk Thru It' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Pink Elephant.


'Walk Thru It'

Too much water will make you sink
But enough is gonna save you

I'm trying to get to the bottom of this bottle
Like I'm looking for something
Hollow people all around
I think they're looking for someone
Or something to give them love and fill them up
But I met a couple people and thought
Is love still enough? F*** it
Hate harbors in their heart like an anchor
Bad shit is the captain of their ship
They're just the sailor

Society sucking the substance out of their soul
They don't want to be themselves
'Cause they don't know themselves
The mold, and whatever role, it's how they associate
And how they assimilate
To the bullshit they try and penetrate

You tell me that you're real
But you've been a fake
No parental guidance, so you looking up to Kim and 'Ye
Eating up what the tv shows you on your dinner plate
Ignorance with a side of intellect, we try to integrate
Welcome to America, home of whatever's in your face
Land of the slaves
Paralyzed by product
Power mixed with persistence can be poison if you don't watch it
And know when its time to pause it, stop it

Take a breathe
This is me talking to myself
I'm just flying towards the truth
This is me talking to myself

Walk thru it

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