Canción 'Better In The Long Run' del disco 'Four the Record' interpretada por Miranda Lambert

Better In The Long Run Letra y Canción

Miranda Lambert

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BETTER IN THE LONG RUN es una canción de Miranda Lambert que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Four the Record.


'Better In The Long Run'

Cheap red wine straight out of a coffee cup
One more down, to drink you off my mind
Lord knows I've tried a thousand times to give you up
But its closing time and we both know why

I'm just too selfish I guess
I know you're tired and restless
It's no surprise we've come undone
But I can't unlove you just because
You say it's better in the long run

We've been driving down this highway
Now we're out of gas, too far outta town
Oh here we are all tangled up and sideways
You're all broken down, yeah I'm breaking down

Oh maybe somewhere a little down the line
I'll get a little better leaving us behind
Maybe someday, oh I'll be fine

Oh and you'll move on and I will too
But still I don't see getting over you
Oh, no, no, no

In the long run
Oh in the long run
In the long run
In the long run