Canción 'Dear Old Sun' del disco 'The Weight of These Wings' interpretada por Miranda Lambert

Dear Old Sun Letra y Canción

Miranda Lambert

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DEAR OLD SUN es una canción de Miranda Lambert que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Weight of These Wings.


'Dear Old Sun'

Dear old sun
How you holding up
Through the winter cold
Up there all alone
February's been hard on a heart
But we're near the end
And it's almost March
Though the sky's been grey
And in our way I still see your light

Well, you melt the snow
And you grow the roses
And you dry the tears
And you freckle noses
Our little world
Revolves around you
Coming up and going down


Dear old sun
Let's call it a day
And I watch you set
I'll let you rest
But I'll wait for you
Like morning's dew
Till I see your light


[Chorus] 2x
I still see your light
I still see your light
Heaven shining down tonight
I still see your light