Mobb Deep

"Get familiar!"

Bidadidat, you gonna hear that thing clap
Kid I take shit to heart, cause I was born like that

Bidadidat, you gonna hear that thing clap
Kid I take shit to heart, cause I was born like that
I only got my word as a man when I give it
When I say I'm goin at you it's a given when I spit it
Some niggas talk out the ass amongst those who live it
Some niggas {*click, BOOM*} that's from the hood, to shit it
Some bitches fuck niggas, they man best dog
Over that, now you got this nigga leakin on the floor
Better watch those broads, could die over that
Or totally against the grain and against street laws
I respect paper and, every minute is spent
Gettin that shit, so my little dunn can be set
What I think about a nigga that's tryin to pose threat?
Nigga write it out if you can't cash that check
Kid I know about death, you ain't sayin nuttin slick
Empty out on that fool, ca-click, ca-click

Far as I'm concerned, it's on sight wit'chu
And I ain't playin no games, I hope you feel the same
You buck me, that's lovely, you'll have your day
But when I ride would you snitch or would you do the same
Okay, let's get it goin on, families mourn
Mothers grieve, motherfffuckers bleed
Talkin 'bout it's just rap music
This is blood sport, I run yo' ass up outta New York
I'll make it hard for you to party
Best stay up underneath them undercover police dunn
You a target, we in the club dancin over your shhh
You in the crib, cause you scared to bump heads
And you should be, c'mon man, enjoy your success
Don't tally my strength or poke out your chest
There's no amount of dollars that can keep you safe
Ain't no turnin back now, eat what's on your plate


Mobb Deep

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