Mobb Deep

Yo, the saga begins, begin war
I draw first, Blood, be the first to set it off
My cause, tap all jaws, lay down laws
We taking what's yours, we do jooxs, rush the doors
Here come the D'z trying to make breeze and guns toss
In full force, my team'll go at your main source
My 9 Taurus hit bosses and take hostage
Your whole setup, from the ground up, we lock shit
Blood flood your eye, fuck up your optics
Switch to killer instincts for niggas pop shit
Yo, nigga Noyd, what's the topic? Nine pound we rocked in
'96 strike back with more hot shit
Illuminate, my team'll glow like radiation
With no time for patient or complication
Let's get it done right, my clique airtight
Trapped in a never-ending gunfight, so niggas lose stripes
Or lose life, jail niggas sending kites to the street
Over some beef that wasn't fully cooked, finish 'em off
Well done meat, that said 22 slug to your head
Travel all the way down to your leg

Ayo, it's Hell on Earth
Whose next are gonna be first?
The projects is front line
And the enemy is one time
I ain't gotta tell you
It's right in front of your eyes

We rep the QBC, nigga rep yours, it's all love
Milli stacked down, heavenly guarded by hollow-tip slug
Then crack down on wannabe thugs, adapt to gat sound
And bow down, slow the fuck up, see how my foul now
Articulate, hitting body parts to start shiftin' shit
Never hesitant, it's the rap game unlimited
Summon rasta, we can do this, forever infinite
Then reminisce, 20 years later how we was gettin' it
Either with me, go against the grain, you better hit me
Legging me or robbing me, niggas better body me
?Cause it's a small world, and niggas talking like bitches
Bitches singing like snitches, pointing you out in pictures
?Cause she rep the QBC faithfully, playa hating me
All that bullshit, is just making me
More the better, then concentrate on getting cheddar
If shorty set you up, you better dead her, I told you
Shape and mold you, son you, then I hold you
Like a pimp, mind control you, double edge blow you
It'll be I like I'm supposed to, the clique is coastal
International, you local Bacardi mix physically fix
Hit you with shit that'll leave a loose nigga stiff
Probably thick, son, I solved 'em
Pulled him in my world then evolved him to chaos
Walk the beat like, around the way cops the average pitstop
QB City Godfather Pt III, Gotti, Gambino and Ty Nitty
Scarface, rest in peace!

Yo, the heavy metal king, hold big shit with spare clips
You see an eclipse when the MAC spit, your top got split
Laying dead with open eyes, close his eyelids
Turn off his lights, switch to darkness
?Cause deep in the abyss is street life
Blood on my kicks, shit on my knife
You's the wild child, kid cold turning men into mice
I was born to take power, leave my mark on this planet
The Phantom of Crime Rap, niggas is left stranded
Shut down your operation, closed for business
Leave a foul taste in your mouth like Guinness
POW niggas is found MIA
We move like special forces, Green Beret
Heavily around my throat, I don't play
Shit brand new, back in '89, the same way
The God P walk with a limp see, but simply
To simplify shit, no man can go against me
Test me, you must be bent, G, don't tempt me
I had this full clip for so long, it needs to empty
The reason why it's full for so long ?cause I don't waste shit
You properly hit, blood in your mouth, so you could taste it
Quiet as kept, I lay back and watch the world spin
I hear thugs, claiming that they gonna rob the Mobb
When they see us, I tell you what Black
Here's the issue, it's a package deal, you rob me
You take these missiles along with that
I ain't your average cat
F*** rap, I'm trying to make cream, and that's that
Whatever it takes, however, it gots to go down
Four mics on stage, a motherfucking four pound
Speakers leaking out sound and niggas leaking on the ground
I could truly care less, the God gon' get his
Regardless blow for blow, let's find out who wear hardest
This rap artist used to be a stickup artist
Sometimes I test myself, see if I still got it
A live nigga stay on point, never diss
Regard shit or forget the essence from which I emerged
P is sick, so save that bullshit for the birds
Live up to my word, if I got beef, niggas coming in herds
We flush through, your clique get purged

Mobb Deep

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