Mobb Deep

Whose this motherfucker with the dwarf like height
How do people hear you with a voice that high
Seen your mom last night in those pink bright tights
Seen her pick something up and i bust at sight
Feeling a cannibalistic appetite tonight
Gouge out an eye cut off your tongue just to lick me dry
Unidentified words and lines fine dimes where do i find time to form rhymes never hide
Fake motherfucker this about to be tragic
Gavin ill bring you to an abandoned cabin
And smash your head in with a goddamn cabinet
Ain't no average savage words a deadly pathogen
If you want to suck my dick get on your knees and don't ever ask again
Wrath of the illest with the motherfucking the pad and pen back to back diss tracks just ask a friend
I know it might be hard to comprehend
Need a body guard cause man we're not friends
Please tell me when i start to offend
Bars from start to end
Bitch don't try defend
Slap you in front of your friends
Start shit with me and that's a death sentence
Wait for depression to set in
MC James a lyrical menace
And this verse was just the preface
I'm laying in bed in my dark room
Fantasizing how killing gayvin would be cool
Catch him when hes walking alone and off guard
I imagine kidnapping him wouldn't be that hard
He can hardly lift a damn 45 pound bar
I snatch him up and throw him into the trunk of my car
Take him to a place real far leave him in the trunk for a few days in the dark
Won't feed him anything watch him slowly starve
Once I pull him out he be begging for mercy
I pulled out your mom to or else your house would have a nursery
I would take him out the trunk break his legs with a wrench "But I need to play soccer" but your always on the bench
After his legs are broken I make him run a mile
He better do it with a smile or its early death trial
He has enough trouble doing it without being crippled
Let alone with broken bones and cuts where blood trickles
Half way through the mile he'll probably faint from pain
Ill go pick him up hang him on some chains
He'll probably like it since he has his mothers genes
Than I rip him apart with a stretching machine


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