Mobb Deep

Y'all hiding, we shining to the top
Keep climbing, God playin' perfect timing
The clock tickin' on you
Gotta keep the Mobb from me
M.O.B we royalty
Listen, yeah

I never had to think hard, I just put my heart in it
I don't bust my brain cells, I just put my soul in it
Even with the moss spirit, I pull inspiration
To be dope Is in my blood, I don't takes they cases
Now watch me as I slay this
To observe, might [?] this
And the work I'm greatness
You ain't heard, I'm dangerous
Superb, they'll play this
When I'm dead and gone, I'm still here
I live on, I'm so strong, you can not kill my
Never go through writers block, I don't even know that is
I don't do no fuck shit and don't fuck with who is
All of my niggas is standup
All my bitches is bad as fuck
My life is so awesome, I got to stand back like what the fuck
Hide the album like so much
Getting load of my life, they don't make niggas like us, nah
Midnight dark, I'm sinister as minister
16 bars of fresh, who wanna get it, uh

Keep climbin, God playin' perfect timing
The clock tickin' on you
You only winnin' if the team loyal
My wrist hurtin' from the recoil

Gotta keep the Mobb from me
They see us getting it
M.O.B we royalty, yeah
M.O.B we royalty (x2)

U-S, NY City, getting dough
Never sleep on the creek, you a creep
Don't get left for dead on these streets
My city, I claimed it, plan flags
Hit em up, now ya flagging half staph
How we move, never playing, all business
Y'all clowning, we counting all this chicken
20 years in the game, who want it
Not a soul or the boy I punish
Any rappers steps a new plate, annihilator
R.I.P Chris Lade, violate ya
Queens bridge representer
Still with my day ones, stay humble, pack clips
Real spit, all truth, y'all lying
You know the deal, Infamous, still shinin'

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Mobb Deep

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