Mobb Deep

I'm crude and I'm crass, I'll fuck your ass with some glass
Bust a blunt, do a stunt, and then I'll hunt for your cunt
Already pop a cherry whilst jamming Makaveli
Put a kimura on your vehicle, that's an armbar armcar
Cause I'm a star with plenty of par, channeling the power of Ra
Put your kid in a kimura watching Dora the Explorer
It's not hard to stay sharp when I lose my bank card
Cause I don't splash, I stash my cash under my bed
Hiding fifty grand from the fucking feds
I'm just joking, I barely have twenty quid
Cause I went to Rocksalt and had a salt and pepper squid
It was good stuff, had plenty enough, my organs were all rough
I tried to call a taxi on my own, I had to go home
I was on hallucinogenics and I thought I was eating Davy Jones

I will fight you, and your cat and your dog, I'll even fight you whilst I'm blinded in the fog
I'll split you in two, do jiu jitsu on your shih tzu
Muay Thai in a suit and tie, you gonna die as I come down from the sky
I'm the guy that'll spunk in your eye and your wife's pink pie
Put you in a juji gatame, fuck your armpit and your fanny
Bust a nut in your gut, now your womb is all gammy
And then you'll call your first child Sammy
Yeah, son, you like it, I'm a psychic, I tutor the future on my new computer
Psychically, I psych your tree
I'm a tree surgeon with kids to feed
You need to protect when you get all erect or get decked with a triangle to the neck
I'll give you a suplex if you get vexed
You'll go through your apartment complex
I got powerful specs
You will get wrecked
My literacy is sex, metaphorically with a convex in my codex
My first verse hurts, it has the worst thirst for the dark curse called reverse birth inspired by the jet black hearse
My luck does not suck cause I'm Irish
I see through the iris of Osiris
And I see every hazard and crisis

I don't iron my clothes, I "steel" that shit
(What does that mean, are you skint or rich?)
Please don't cock block or vagina deny
Just allow the plough or at least let me try
Lyrically rape swag faggots and mics
They don't wanna be dominated by someone who can rap right
So they take flight and leave by the end of the night
I like to spit in and get wet the ones that haven't been used yet
Because they're in better conditions and are still tight
I give them a series of repetitions, now they're rough and will bite
That was a sexual euphemism with poetic athleticism
Some won't understand so I kidnap them with my van
Then kick them in the face like Rob Van Dam
Or Austin Aries, I get scary and lairy
I'll have you screaming out "Please just spare me"
Do you really wanna fucking rumble?
Camel clutch, break your back, fuck your ass, make you humble
Smoke a dutch, shake some Jack, break the glass, and make you stumble
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Mobb Deep

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