Mobb Deep

Is it true what the good book say concerning the Judgement Day
If I don't kneel down and pray

Homie if I go to hell and you make it to heaven
Just get me to the gate and I'll talk my way in
Got a gift, I'm special with the flow I'm good
Shit, I done talk my way outta the hood

Now if you followed my footsteps and walked through my shoes
You wouldn't go against me cause you know you would lose
It's been along time coming I done paid my dues
Now everytime I turn around it's like I'm back in the news
I know a lotta niggas want me wearing cement shoes
And Uncle Tom niggas wanna see me locked up to
Around the same time KRS was writing Black Cop
I was busy tryna pump cracks in the black blocks
Popping shit to my homies about how my gat pop
Got rid of that chrome thing and got back a black Glock
P ninety hold ten but I had six shots
I used to walk around with it and risk gettin knocked
I bought a fresh box of bullets from Old Man Sam
Wanted to shoot a nigga so bad it was itching my hand
Some shot it out with me, and some of them ran
And some of the gats worked good and some of em jammed

Now if you take a good look and look into my face
And if they wouldn't even dare to violate my space
Som I did so much dirt I'm tryna clean my slate
And ate so many niggas food and now they want mines ate
The dogs bark when I walk and sense the souls I took
Moms pray for me with her right hand on the good book
Saw shots fly by me, know I should've been dripping
The Pulp Fiction musta been God's divine intervention
Wouldn't thought then from that, I've learned my lesson
And clean my act up and go straight to confession
Uncle La got knocked the feds hit it with seven
And left me with the 50 Cal and a Mac 11
Stuck everything from everything from heads to the workers
And had half the hood damn near watned to murk us
Found myself asking God what the fuck is my purpose
You go to heaven, know I'm foul but put a good word in

Now homie if I go to hell and you make it to the pearly gates
Tell [the boss man] we got beef
And tell [his only son] I'mma see him when I see him
And when I see him, I'mma [beat him like a movie]
For leaving us out to dry on straight poverty
For not showing me no signs they watching over me
Look, we a new breed in 2006
We don't give a fuck about that [religious bullshit]
Nigga show me where the cash at
The nice whips with the three car garage to fit them shits
Man my life is painful, pray to angels
I'm praying to myself hoping I ain't got to spank you
My bullets shank you, and when my guns start cutting
Ain't nobody gon' save you
In the Bible times, they ain't had to deal with the shit
We dealing within, these survival times


Mobb Deep

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