Mobb Deep

Why the fuck did your your ass have to go and get knocked
Now you got me on the phone, straight talkin' to the cops
Tryin' to verify your government
They got you now, they lovin' it
They wanna hang that ass, couldn't get you in the past
Though I can't see your problem
You was still young at the time
Did a lot of older things, you was ahead of your time
Never told you to slow down
Resee your crown heights, you wild
All I could say was be careful
Give you a dap to bounce
Shit that you went through
Watched the drama amount
Gave a fuck long, you wasn't part of the body count
Now I feel guilty, half the blame of your incarceration
Till the interveine, when you first started catching cases
F*** to this, dunn, now you in there
Gotta hold it down, you mother's only son
And I'mma ride for you, baby, cause a lot of it is still love
I'm still there, when you get home, I'mma be there

Chorus: Havoc (4x)

You gotta (hold on)
No matter (how long)
And it seems (so long)

I can't believe they got my dunn, it feel like my fault
Cause I fronted you that money to get that dough
Any man's ain't accountable for they action
Still and all I feel responsible for you being gone
I hit the mall 'till it happened, k.a. now & then
Just so, you can live and keep your little cosmetics
In that five years, it was a little dough we made
Out of sight, out of mind, naw dog
It's not me, I miss you
You on my mind daily
Even though I scribe to a nigga, really, you feel me
Trying to get my shit together
So you could be proud, when you touch down
We got businesses to run now
Peep it back how we used to run up in a nigga's house
On some pety crime shit, boy we was not playin'
On occassion, I still check ya, brotha 'tll the end
Black, and bone crazy ass
Reading ya letters, I see you ain't losin' ya sense of humour
Talkin' to you on the phone made my day cooler
Tellin' me, how you'll deaf, to see your nose out
You need to bring your black ass home
And cut that bullshit out
I could remember me and killa would test our new guns in the projects
Cause that's where police won't come, iller g
My nigga 'till death do us
You almost home, until then
Hold ya head, dunn

Chorus: Havoc (4x)

You gotta (hold on)
No matter (how long)
And it seems (so long)

Mobb Deep

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