2 Chainz

These niggas ain't got no words
Nah nah, I got it
They know I'mma playa
Yeah yeah, I got it
VIP up on the chair
Yeah yeah, I got it
Got liquor everywhere blowin smoke up in the air
These niggas ain't got no words

Get em, got em, okay now
The only way to come up is to stay down, A-Town
The world is my playground, your girl wanna play round
Knock that P off now your girl wanna lay round
Hair weave killa, mix it with a Trey hook
Get head while I'm readin, call that shit facebook
I do it for the paper like a prostitute, in hot pursuit, sometimes I feel I'm vodka proof
Damn, I got them chickens nigga cock-a-doodle-doo
I got the flu, I need lobster noodle soup
I know ya probably heard this a hundred times
I got weight I'm tryna lose a hundred pounds

If ya don't know this what swag is
So much swag, "swag" could be my adlib
I do it for the real so they rock with me
I'm in the drop I shoulda brought the top with me
I gotta go to court I keep killin stages
Sopena the promoter cause he instagated
I started from the bottom of the destination
Now I'm headed to the top, call it elevation
The only nigga in first class
Still got last night on my mustache
Hit em with the louie belt and louie on my foot
Trey gon' hit em with the hook

Yeah nigga I got it
Ten racks on me I don't need no wallet
I'mma throw it all don't need no pockets
Got my loose change putin hoes through college
She just gave me brain but I like to call it knowledge
Niggas think they dope but I like to call em garbage
He was talkin tough said his pistol he was gon' pop it
Why you mad at me cause yo bitch all up on my dick
Aye, aye once we show up
Cocolo so pour up
Like I ate some bad pizza and I'm bout to throw some dough up
Yo titied did some grow ups
Aye Tity Boi you know what
Haha, you bout to blow up
Nigga you bout to blow up

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2 Chainz

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