Letra de la canción

When we first came to Japan
You smiled at us, you reached out your hands
It didn't feel like we were just some band
You made us feel like we were one of your own
So special, special
Welcomed us and showed us something
Special, special
A lifelong friend that always would be there

When I first heard about your land
I was scared for you and all my Japanese friends
But I knew of everywhere I've been
There was no one else that could battle it like you
So special, special
You'll make it through and be even better
Special, special
You'll be smilin' the next time we come through

Stay strong, stand strong
We're all here to help you carry on
Stay strong, stand strong
There's no one quite as beautiful
To all my friends, keep standing strong

Letra añadida por: Azzrael (#22)

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