Ass Back Home Letra



Ass Back Home (Letra/Lyrics)

I don't know, oh, oh, oh
Where you're going
Or when you're coming home
I left the keys under the mat
To our front door
One more chance to hold you close
I don't know, oh, oh, oh
Where you're going
Just get your ass back home

Im tryin' baby
Did you think I'd want to go?
And I'd like to be there with you
But you see I'm on the road
Don't worry I'm doing my thing
Killin' stages I run this tour
From the road to the show to the after party
But when it's over I'm done, I'm yours
I promise girl when I'm there
I swear I'm staying
We could do it 5 times a day
Yeah that don't mean we're praying
But I had to call
Cause I need to let you know
The tour ain't over, we had to add one more show

Well I knew you'd say that
Yeah baby you ain't never gonna get this
I go from the bus to the stage
But you don't like me this young and reckless
Young and stupid I get this
That's what it is when I'm on my grind
Where I spend my time
Never looking for trouble but it seems that it's all I find
You know that I get you
But this is who I am
And I'll see you soon
I know you don't give a damn
Just know that I hate the fact that you're alone
That's why I'ma get my ass back home

I don't know where I'm going either
But that's what makes it perfect
Cause when we get wherever there is you know it'll be worth it
I'm picturing bright signs
Everything lit up in neon, takin' me beyond
Someone like you, like I was rockin' the stage with Leon
King without a crown
A life without a plan
Another hitch in the story, ride the road without a van
That's that breakdown
But I still see you in the rearview
And when the road gets quiet, I feel like I can hear you
Bring that ass back
Next flight out catch that
Like old times, flash back
Feel inspired baby pass that
Suited up like a hazmat
While I run it in the lane like a half back
With a beat and a mic in a knapsack
That's all we ever needed to smash tracks
System overload
Cross state lines show to show
Yeah and I hope you know
Wherever we go we're gonna run the globe
See I took it to the road now it's time I start bringing it back
Exactly to where the key to your heart was sitting under the mat

I know you don't like it when I'm out here
Living on the road
And I can't wait to get back there
With you at home
It's gotta be like winning the lottery when I get you on top of me
Yeah I wish I could let you know
I wanna stop time make the hands slow
Do you see the art thats the plan though
Sorry I gotta leave you baby so just wave goodbye and watch the van go(gh)

[Hook] x2

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