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In the dead of the night, when I'm away
Do you think about tomorrow or yesterday
When its forgotten you'll wish I stayed
I'm tryna be right this is my life I can't wait
So watch us fade

You said you liked a guy with dreams and goals
You were tired of the men who had sold their souls
Followin' the fold, but thats not true
Following the gold that's more like you
Now a chance to escape from all of that life
Cause you wanna escape from all of that right?
Here's your chance, but I warned you well in advance
Still you decide to try your shot at changin' faces
Tell you right now lady that you know we're goin' places
Its a wild ride so please girl hold on
Take my hand now girl and we can't go wrong
Hope you realize chasin' dreams ain't easy
They'll be times when you can't find but need me
Too much of your life's planned
Lets just wing it life's a game and I'm beggin' you to bring it
Right here, I know that there's too much to lose
Its a wake up call girl but you're still hitting snooze
You say give up too quickly and I don't know why
But I know you will miss me when you lie awake and cry

I told you that I wanna be a music man
You said, ?alright baby whats your backup plan??
I wonder why that's the first place you go
You could have a little faith girl, you know?
I know this dream could be a long shot
But you could show some support and what not
Finally finance I turn and say
Made it up, its what her daddy does anyway
I feel bad how I am forced to lie
Sometimes your dreams need an alibi
Clearly that's an answer that she likes to hear
She grabs my face and whispers something in my ear
?You're gonna be a great man one day,? yeah maybe I'll get mine some day
Rather leave and not lie, it ain't right, now you're stuck right here girl

Thinkin' where I was back when I wrote this
Now I know that you probably run around and quote this, focus
Maybe you could find yourself a lesson
Instead of feelin' sorry for yourself and second guessin'
The shoulda, coulda, wouldas, is where you've gone wrong
You were prayin' I'd fail, now look what I'm on
Couldn't stay long cause I felt a purpose but back then I only felt worthless
Yeah, I guess you kinda deserve this

(Chorus x2)

In the dead of the night
I told you girl that you could watch us fade
I'm tryna be right, this is my life I can't wait
So watch us fade


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