Let me inject a little knowledge in
And tell the people out there how I got my collage in
It took a while, yeah, to get through this
But I love this college shit like Gaga loves Judas
From the minute that I showed up
I kept the drinks flowin' and the rest rolled up
Now I am sittin' here wishin' time had slowed up
Cause it seems this Rugrat is finally All Grow'd Up

No Way

I had only just arrived
Time to figure out how Im'a turn these four years into five
Huntin' for biddies, yeah you know I mack around
Never thinkin' for a second that I'd rock a cap and gown, yeah
Cause this journey is something I ain't never planned
I'll be killin' hooks I am never leavin' Neverland
Wave goodbye to all the ladies that I left here
Shit I'm short a class? F*** it, see ya next year-

So instead of growin' up, we just throw down
And I never knew how much I would miss this town
Like, never never grow, never never never grow
Never never grow up
And I don't know where, I can't say when
But I know it won't be long til we at it again
Singin', never never grow, never never never grow
I'll never never grow up, not me

Bell rings
Get yo degrees is what that means
But what the hell man I thought that it was summertime
I'm seein' people jump in line
Signing up for classes while I'm asking for another lime
Cause my Corona's gettin' lonely
And I'm just hangin' loose, no job interviews
Cause I spend my afternoons skinny dipping in the fountain of youth, c'mon

And I keep hearin' are you ready for the real life?
Audition for the Real World that'd be real nice
Tellin' it tellin' it, even when I'm always spellin' it
Ain't no J-O-B for me they got me yellin' it
I'm sorry, I'm not enjoyin' the majority
Yeah, cause stayin' young is meaning more to me
Knew so many girls I could've started a sorority
But I'mma go explorin' cause this college shit is boring me!

Look, backwards hat went to class when I had to
Walked in and they're like, ?Who the fuck is that dude??
Lame-ass teachers always tried to give me hassle
Cause they didn't get play in college like Matt Cassel
Look at me teach, I'm gettin' the last laugh
Got the diploma and I'm takin' over frat rap
Yeah, But really though, the weekends only got better
Couldn't wait for Friday, hi Rebecca

Athletics were dope, but I wanted fun too
So I was the drunk dude, sittin' in the lunch room
Drinkin' coke, with just a couple of shots in it
Tryin' not to be obvious, but was the opposite
F*** it though, I guess I never want to leave
Ferris Bueller, I got something clever up my sleeve
I said peace to Duke and then became a rapper
Hit up Georgetown, to cop a fuckin' Master's


Show em how we do this shit scotched up
No I'm never growin' up


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