Canción 'Dreaming' del disco 'The Garden ' interpretada por Zero 7

Dreaming Letra

Zero 7

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DREAMING es una canción de Zero 7 que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Garden .

Letra 'Dreaming'

I've sworn, my love
I've been reborn, my love
Don't be forlorn, my love

I've torn my heart
Do not mourn my depart
I've been reborn, my love

I'm watching you
There's nothing they can do
Now, I'm reborn, my love

Yeah, you must believe
You'll live on without me
I'm leaving all my love

I am awake and you are only dreaming
You'll be okay and you will find some meaning
You will not break, though, you'll buckle with feelings
I am awake and you are only dreaming

Don't fear my friend 'cause there is no real end
I've been reborn, my love
I'm happy here, I have nothing to fear
I'm getting all the love, oh, yeah

So, shed a tear for all the happy years
And just move on, my love
I'll ride this crowd and when your time comes 'round
We'll need all our love

[Chorus] (2x)

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