Capital Kings

Letra de la canción

No we won't turn around and hide anymore
We steppin' out and that's for sure
No we won't be another face in the crowd
'Cause right now we're gonna live it loud

We are the generation
We've got a reputation
It's time to lead the way
We are the motivation
Just gotta activate it
There is no time to wait

Can't fight the feelin' inside
It's time to break out my disguise
Bein' different is what I realize
It takes to make a change, so no we won't stop now
So c'mon get with it
No time to waste
Yeah, we on a mission
'Cause the more we pause, the more that we wait
Could be another chance or a moment to late

There is no time to wait

(There is no time to wait)

Letra añadida por: Tuzone (#37)

Capital Kings
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