Beto Vega

Letra de la canción

In the shade of a leafy tree,
My break I like to spend,
In my life I have gone from everything,
They will not tell me anything,
The whole world is very little
Also in jail I have become ...

When he was just 18,
The hills began to patrol,
The clear study was a support,
But soon I wanted to leave,
I met a generous employer
And with a shirt I went to uniform ...

In a short time I understood everything,
And the brain I thought,
To work I had my ways,
And very quickly I noticed,
A sheaf wins support
It was me and my good plebes to act.


It was my motivation, my family,
And life I wanted to change,
Working at 200%
There was no time to rest,
My flowers adorned the saw
And thanks to that we were able to shine ...

Touring the world I made partners,
Companions and some of legit,
Friends and also envious,
The lessons life gives us,
My people will always have everything
And we know how to deal with enemies.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Don Vegas (#16)

Beto Vega
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