Ringo Starr

Letra de la canción

A cat has nine lives
But man you don't live twice
You can play for a price
With your grandaddy's dice

If you want to be the king
You got to go to Memphis in your mind

It's a bad point of view
If that gloom got through to you
Well I kissed Peggy Sue
And you could have too

Ain't that a shame
You never went to Memphis in your mind

There's no place cooler
When you got your Bop-A-Lula on
Slip into your blue suede shoes
We're dancing till the break of dawn
Sun Records will be playing
You'll know every word they're saying is true
Heartbreak Hotel is taking reservations
There's a room for you
You can go to any town
Get up but not get down

If you want to hear that rocking sound
You go to Memphis in your mind

You can have two left feet
And you can still keep the beat
If you're sixteen and sweet
Or you can't leave your seat

We can't all be king
So go to Memphis in your mind

Letra añadida por: voicemen (#45)

Ringo Starr
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