Pasodobles del álbum 'Liverpool 8'


Ringo Starr

La canción 'Pasodobles' se estrenó el . Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Liverpool 8


When I was walking down the street in Spain
I met a girl who would not say her name
But all was not lost to circumstance
Later on she taught me how to dance

Her pasodobles
I love where I am today
Strangers in perfect motion
Down by the Spanish ocean
El pasodobles

Lights were shining low - the music loud
We danced so close and slow - we drew a cry
We were two together like candle's bind
We became one and that's how I learnt

In the drift she said we did
But of course you know we didn't
She had dress she said
That I tried too far
But she always kept them hidden
At the Bay of Biscay I had no regrets
And as I sailed away I could not forget


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