New Politics

Just look around I feel blessed
This is Earth as we know best
Heavenly I feel praised
Hold this to my dying day
I've seen killers on the streets
Bullets fired to the beat
I've seen businessmen deceive
For the power, for the money and the greed
All this pain surrounding us
All this joy inside of us
I feel hate I feel love
We've been blessed by God above

Hold me down don't let me breathe
Take it all in front of me
Rape it all and watch it bleed, come on come on

Oh-oh here comes the enemy
Oh-oh I'm a walking psycho
Oh-oh bring out your armies
Oh-oh let's start a fucking nuclear war

Ashes to ashes one day we'll all fall to dust
There'll be rain in the skies to wash away the rust
There's a war in front of me
We're all crying out for peace
A depression at it's peak
And they're the ones who lead?
Am I the enemy, am I the enemy
Am I the enemy, am I the enemy?

We're burning away, burning away
Losing our souls in outer space
Looking down 3000 miles away
It's getting too dark to see and I'm starting to freeze
I'm laughing at the world that I used to see
I used to see - Aaahhhhhhhh

Bring out your armies... Let's end this with a nuclear war
I said a fucking nuclear war... boom

New Politics

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