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I shined your shoes
I poured the wine
I gave you all of my time

I patched your dance smile
That your friends
Which apparently is a crime

I gave you space
You took my place
And gave it to her

But life's too long
To waste it all loving a liar

And when love hands me matches now
I'm gonna burn it down

I keyed her car
Got my guitar
And wrote this damn song

Look what you've found
She's been around
I hear the lines long

And don't you tell me
To be nice
I'm not a nice girl

She died from complications
Of the things you told her

So when love hands me matches now
I'm gonna burn it down

Ain't it funny
You said honey
You meant sitting duck
Well i say cheater, liar, truck on fire, loser, leaver, deceiver
Just a few I've thought of

And when love hands me matches now
'Gonna burn it down
I'm gonna burn it down
Oh yeah
Gonna burn it, burn it, burn it down

Matches, now

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