Fuck a bitch (x12)

Naw I ain't on sucka shit
Pull up to ya mama house yellin' out (Fuck a bitch)
Who you think you fuckin' with?
All these hoes with me but you can have em
I don't cuff a bitch, pull up in some other shit
Not that shit my other shit
This my bread and butter
Peanut butter guts in the whip
Project dirty got the pyrex burning
Totin' iron moving birdies
I'm a rich ass burglar
Don't get yo bitch ass murdered
I'm from Compton, hub city
Got my thugs with me, got my bloods with me
Maserati do a buck fitty

I fear no nigga, I trust no bitch
And these pretty bad broads be all on my dick
Got this Amaretto make sure it don't drip
See I fear no nigga, I trust no bitch
I don't trust no bitch, real niggas be like

F*** a bitch(X6)

Look, fuck a bitch, never on no sucka shit
Always on some money motivated Nipsey Hu$$le shit
Pass on her, go fast on her
Pull out Benz coupes and count cash on her
Hoggy with me if i point he gon' blast on em
Drop racks on a case, that's a gag order
Tough talk turn to sad stories
F*** a bitch if he die that's too bad for it
F*** a bitch I'm too fly, I'm a asshole
I'm a bougie ass nigga with these fast hoes
I got stripes and stamps on my passport
You got life fucked up so yo ass broke
I be in some new shit
Hundred thousand plus coupe shit
V.I.P Rose bull shit
Bitch 'fore you hit my bottle who is you with?

F*** a bitch(X6)

F*** a basketball wife and bet I didn't say nothin'
Put a K up on a nigga, bet he won't bang nothin'
Bought a Roley for the homie, blood swear that he pimpin'
Red bottoms cost a church shit I swear that I'm Christian
I'm a all on a bitch- rain, hail, snow
And if I ever love a bitch, I'm like hell no
Well maybe at the Supperclub we was TU
We had to nickname this model bitch PU
I'm the man in the city, AP's and gold bottles
9 out of 10 she suck and she gon' swallow
9 out of 10 she lookin' for ball players
I'm a pimp about mine, Giuseppe's don't do gators
Weave to your knees believing you too on
Fuckin' for a sip in the club you too wrong
Game called the nigga I'm like what's the deal
He like fuck a bitch nigga, I'm like yeah it's trill

F*** a bitch(X6)
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Elijah Blake

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