Peace in a Time of War - The End

The End Letra



The End (Letra/Lyrics)

Intro:This one is livicated to all those
Who thought they would never
Need a friend
Until their standing right
There, alone, by themselves at the end
Chorus You thought you'd never need a friend
Until you were standing alone at the end

V.1 We are some soldiers
From Arlington, VA
Soldiers who would put word, sound, and power
Including fire, upon a weak heart
This one who said he was a friend
Tried to put I in the pen
His lying never ends and believe me
He must pay
He just deal with the feds
Put a price on I head
Lead them to us, bring us to them
Believe me, you must pay


V.2 I won't commit that crime
If I can't do that time
Nah put my bredren on the line
We have a name for you
Those who are so untrue
Informer I'm talking to
Jah know you working in satans way
For selling your brother you going to collect
Your pay
My own bredren have just
Gone down
Never stole or murdered
So explain to me how
Time and time again, well
The wicked just go free, temporarily, it's only temporary

Datos de esta canción

THE END es una canción de SOJA del año 2002, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Peace in a Time of War. Agradecemos a voicemen por haber sudido la letra de The End.