Canción 'Book Of Me And You' del disco 'In Darkness And In Light' interpretada por The Maine

Book Of Me And You Letra

The Maine

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BOOK OF ME AND YOU es una canción de The Maine que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco In Darkness And In Light.

Letra 'Book Of Me And You'

Here we are
Spinning in circles again
We are
Young enough to think that we can

But nobody is to blame
Funny how things don't change at all
But I keep thinking
Maybe we'll be good someday

And we'll find another window
With a different point of view
And we'll wake up here tomorrow
Expecting something new
What are we thinking
Are we really thinking it through?
Or is this just another chapter
In the book of me and you?
Yeah, the book of me and you

I turn the page
Thinking I can turn this around
The page
Every wall that's up must come down
Funny how it never does
Trying to make it like it was
It won't work, but I keep thinking
Time will make us strong enough

I keep on looking back
And every place I go seems you were there
It makes me laugh
That we're still crashing into nothing
And I swear we always end up where we started
Here we are


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