I'm goin' in
Hate it
Don't debate it
Cause I'm graduating from sin under satan
And I'm faded
Not like Ross or Café
Thought I was the best of my day
But no way. The Father changed me
And He switched up my ways
My words are never irrelevant
Raising up prevalence
I'm in a trailblazer
But I'm still proving elegance
Father Christ is Heaven sent
And the reason I'm Christian
I am on a mission
Now listen
This is intervention
Jesus Christ is risen
Shoutout to GhettoGospel
Had to take his flow listen!
I am Maine and insane
Jesus Christ is the blame
And why they call me lame
I just laugh cause I'm not staying the same
I'm in a different league
Moving at a different speed
Following a Legend never tryna take His Lead
I'm moving fast
Many legs like a centipede
And all of my verses on paper
Go ahead and read
Or you can read all the verses of the Bible
Tall like the tower of Eiffel
Or leaning tower of Pisa
Please give me a reason
To snatch up a demon
And he will get killed for tryna commit treason
Too many reasons for me to be following God
So for me to stop would be real odd
That's why I'm never stoppin'
And I'm never droppin'
Me and my crew scrap for the Lord
Get it poppin'
Yeah we get it rockin'
And take it to the streets
Where boys get beat
And they pack heat
Crack in their feet
And we still find a way to tell them about that real heat

Wait a minute!
You thought I was done?
I'm going for The Father
And following The Son
He's a Ginormous ?G'
I'm a lowercase ?m'
No matter how hard I try
I'll never compare to Him
With Him
Verily I'm everything
Without Him
I am totally nothing
I'm a Prince
He's The King, you can see the ring
He gave me Salvation
More important than diamond bling
He's the Greatest
And I'm great cause of Him
No I've never seen Him
But I'm goin' for the Love of Him
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The Maine

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