The way I tattoo this pad
I make the pad bleed
And I write these words
As if I intercede
I make this beat drop
Like I'm talkin' about the past
And no I don't rap
Like them dudes who talk about cash
Everything I say is guaranteed to make a splash
One night at Church with me
You're guaranteed to have a blast
My music; is God's music
Give me a couple minutes
And I'll show you how to do it
I'll show you how to move it
Groove it
Soothing music is my music
God's my Counselor
I'll teach you how to do it
You're hatin' the whole world booing
Even though I'm one of the best
Like my names Patrick Ewing
Soon we're all going H O M E
And H E A ven
Is the home for me
1 because that's where I'm supposed to be
2 because that's the everlasting life for me
That's the end of all the struggling and strife for me
That's end of all the fights for me
Mess for me
Stress for me the crest for me'll
Be up next week?
I am on the back-burner
I put myself on the back-burner
Never be up cause God is on the Frontline
He supplied me with the words that's coming out
He strengthened me upright
For this life called bout
And plus!
Without Him my life's messed up!
And with that devil I've had enough
When I stop making music it'll be when I die
And like Sho Baraka I didn't die
I multiplied
That's the end of my spiel
My rap, my chat
But, since I still hear paps when I go outside
I'ma rap till I'm tapped
And I'll never fall flat
Even if they have a burner and their side
?Boom! Boom! Bam!?
It's Lil Maine
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The Maine

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