Here's to words that tell the truth
When it's easier to lie
Here's to staring into the sun
When you should close your eyes

I was the dark before the dawn
The voice without a song
The words that came out wrong
But you heard me all along

Untangle me
I'm not looking for a sign
Keep your body next to mine and set me free
Untangle me
From these feelings trapped inside
Way out past the smoke and fire is where I'll be
I've been waiting such a long time for someone to come along
Untangle me

I'm on the inside looking outside
It's the only place I've been
Hesitating, suffocating
But then you let me in

I was the storm before the calm
The hopeless hanging on
The words that came out wrong
But you heard me all along

And maybe for the first time you'll get the best of me
The part that isn't broken like before
The man I'm not afraid of anymore

[Chorus 2]
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The Maine

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