Teacher teach dem
The gal dem love wi till the end
Mi see man a role up scliff a get light
Liquor start thief man a get hype
Pure hot girl watch dem a whine
Your gyal a my gyal my gyal a mine
Whale skin
Mi no want the party done
One magnum one cup a white rum
Tyrone gimmi lickle bit a ice no
Lickle tip mi fi go and have a cup a My love
Hey gyal yo sexy round such
Teacher mi name from up a micro
Sign up yo pass the test fi whine up
If yo gi mi yo body mi a go give yuh my love
{Verse 1}
The gyal dem look desirous not a virus
Watch the bag a liquor pile up money cile up
Up a the top a the sound box gal a climb up
Officer no tun it down now it a go spoil up
Slim gyal a whine freeky shi a tease mi
Fluffy gyal a split easy shi no easy
Mi never follow my girlfriend fi go peepy
The red bull really no meck yuh feel sleepy
{Repeat Chorus}
{Verse 2}
The bar get crowdie like vill express
If a no million meck a mussi more couldn't less
The trees trees from west smoke up in a mi chest
White rum a tun it up in a mi head it is a mest
Tiffa spel it out fi mi sex caw see mi black berry pure gal a send tex
The sound wa a juggle a play the latest
A world boss run the place cause him a the greatest
{Repeat Chorus}

Vybz Kartel

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